Hymn to Rhiannon


I wrote this hymn to the tune of "The Wren" for use at our Spring Equinox High Day at the Grove. It's best when sung in multi-part harmony, though it may be a bit too long to be effective.

Hymn to Rhiannon
Sung to the South Welsh tune of “The Wren” or “Please to see the King”
Words by Rev. Kirk Thomas

O Goddess, we sing, of the blessings You will bring,
To your People here in Tucson, O great Goddess Rhiannon!

Through the mists do You come, on a horse none can out run,
To steal the heart of Dyfed, mighty Pwyll, Annwfn’s head.

Rigantona, Great Queen! For your blessings we convene
This rite of praise and giving. Take our sentiments adoring.

Mother of Pryderi, Holy Goddess of Sovereignty,
Hear us now, we call upon You, that You know of our devotion true.

Let our sacrifices burn, see the smoke to the heavens turn,
May our love and joy and reverence, be for You our loving sacraments!

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