Arianrhod Invocation

This is one of my earlier creations, about 2002, I believe. It was written for a Full Moon rite.

Invocation to Arianrhod
By Kirk Thomas

Lady of the Silver Wheel
Which strides majestically on high,
And sails the starry firmament
That fills the arching, night-time sky;

Arianrhod, we call Your name
That You may hear us in the dark,
And fill our souls with beauty bright
So we may bear your timeless mark.

Caer Siddi is Your magic Realm
That You traverse each starry night.
Star Weaver is the name You own
And glory is Your orb so bright!

We call to You, O mighty One
That You may join us here below;
High Fruitful Mother, come to us,
That we may feel Your silver glow!

Bydded felly!

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