Prayer - Uniting the Three Worlds


I wrote this prayer originally as a substitute for the Two Powers Meditation, but found that the first two verses could be broken out and used with the meditation as an introduction to each section, which is how the Grove uses it now. I wrote the last verse to complete the prayer for my funeral rite, and I think it all goes together quite well.

O waters of the earth, deep and dark,
Arise, primeval powers, fill us now
With all your wondrous possibilities,
That through the Earth our Mother
We may ground and join as one.

O fires of the sky, O blinding light!
Descend and crystallize within us all
That spark of order on which life depends,
That through the Sky our Father
We may shine and share as one.

You powers dark and bright, you liquid fire,
Conjoin and blend this mixture volatile
That powers great will join within our selves,
Connecting all the Worlds, so
That the circle is complete.

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